How I Help


Psychoanalysis has no equal where the search for insight into the self is concerned. Many people choose psychoanalysis when they want to come to a deep understanding of how their life experiences have shaped them. Hypnoanalysis combines psychoanalyis and hypnotherapy to more efficiently get to the root cause of a client’s presenting problem so it can be permanently resolved. This requires motivation and a willingness to put in the work between sessions.

A course of hypnoanalysis will usually be completed within 8 - 12 weekly sessions, and will include your own personalised hypnotherapy recording(s) with which to practice at home. You’ll also learn the life-enhancing skill of self-hypnosis.

Suggestion Therapy

Suggestion Therapy is best suited for simpler problems such as exam stress, fear of public speaking, blushing, most pobias, weight management etc., any issue where there is no need to get to the root cause of the problem. This will usually take between 1 - 3 sessions.

Hypnotherapy is also an excellent technique to use when working toward personal development goals. This could take anything between 1 to 4 seesions depending on the goal you have in mind, and again will include your own personalised hypnotherapy recording to use at home.