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The Artist’s Way
A Course in Discovering or Recovering Your Creative Self

12 Week Personal Development Course

  • Do you feel you are not living the life you were meant to?
  • Do you feel stuck and like you don’t know the right way to move forward?
  • Do you know you have some creative potential you can’t access or express?
  • Do you want to experience more fulfilment or joy in your life?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then you will benefit from this course.

What can I expect from this course?

  • experience greater clarity, focus and energy
  • develop a sense of creative resilience and the drive to go after your goals
  • discover or re-discover your own unique gifts and talents
  • enjoy the support and encouragement of the gruop
  • meet like-minded people

How does it work?

Participating in the course involves:

  • attending the weekly class
  • daily ‘morning pages’
  • a weekly ‘artist’s date’
  • reading each week’s chapter of the book

Each participant will need their own copy of the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

The course does not require that you are an artist or have any particular art you want to practice. Many non-artists (myself included) have benefited greatly from bringing the principles of The Artist’s Way into their lives. Many people also discover hidden talents, gifts and passions they never knew they had. You are always welcome to share anything you may create with the group, but this is never a requirement.

More about The Artist’s Way

The internationally best-selling book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron is a 12 week personal development program. It helps you recover your innate creativity by overcoming blocks such as; limiting beliefs, self-criticism, self-doubt, guilt, fear, jealousy etc., and replacing these with creative confidence and productivity. Being a spiritual programme, it is based on the belief that creative energy is a universal force, and we all have equal access to tap into it, once we learn how to get out of our own way. The course is grounded, practical and enjoyable with basic tools and weekly assignments to help you make steady progress week by week.

Course Details

12 week course
When: Thursday evenings, 7 - 9 pm, Sep. 21st - Dec. 7th, 2017.
Where: No. 26, St. Paul’s Avenue, Off Lavitts Quay, Cork City
Cost: €180.00 euro. Early-Bird Offer - €150.00 (expires on Fri. 15th Sep.)

For more information or to book your place, call or text Jennifer 085 218 5996 or email [email protected]