Close your eyes to see clearly. Be still and you will hear the truth.
Zen Proverb

The Clarity Clinic provides a safe, supportive and accepting space for clients to work through their issues, overcome self-defeating habits, and clarify and achieve new goals. I work with clients presenting with a wide range of problems, but I specialise in helping clients with low self-esteem, anxiety/panic, depression and codependency issues.

Regardless of the challenges you are facing, at The Clarity Clinic you can expect a highly personalised, professional and confidential service from a caring and empathic therapist. If you have any questions about how I can assist you with any issue, please contact me, I’ll be happy to help ...

085 218 5996

What clients are saying...

“I was very down, moving from one sickness to another, not pulling up at all. I enjoyed
the relaxation, the music, the talking. It was beautiful. The family saw a fierce change
in me. I would highly recommend it.” - E. Kinahan

“I feel more positive, happier, stronger in my life. I would highly recommend it” -  Miriam O’Shea

“I would highly recommend Jennifer. She is so good at making you feel in touch
with yourself. I never felt I was being rushed. I was taken seriously!” - Valerie O’D

"Thank you for all your support through these tough times, it's very much appreciated." -Eileen O'D.

“I felt an inability to cope with life stresses/feeling like I was going to explode / unhealthy relationship habits. I previously tried
personalreflection and self-help books. Through the work, I developed practical coping skills, improved self-esteem. It was good to have
someone to talk to and understand why I felt the way I did. I’d add you must be willing to put in the work yourself also.” -M. Abbass

"I appreciated all your help and kindness in 2017, I would never have got through it without you!! Thanks again!!" -K. McCarthy